About Jana

Jana stands out from most lifestyle coaches in the fitness industry because of her integrative approach to weight loss, health, and wellness!

Her fitness career started as a strength coach and she is a Master Certified Personal Trainer – CPT. 

During her professional journey, Jana became a TRX Core-Pro, a trigger point and myofascial release master, and a Foot Specialist.  Jana believes that most orthopedic issues and misalignments start at the feet.  She often says, show me your feet and I can predict where your aches and pains will be.

As she was training clients, Jana noticed that most of them were not stretching as much as she would have liked them to. In order to expand her library of stretches, Jana decided to take a basic level yoga certification.  She wanted to learn how to teach some ‘party-trick stretches’ to her clients.  She came out of her yoga certification a changed human being! Now, Jana is not only an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher of the highest caliber,  she is also a trauma-sensitive coach who is able to help individuals with PTSD, Brain Trauma Injury, anxiety, and depression.

Jana combines the newest disciplines and methodologies in the fitness industry, serious scientific research, Eastern philosophies, and neuroscience to give her clients and students the best experience she can while they are on their path to losing weight and finding true wellness.

Her superpowers?  Jana is a Learner.  She is dedicated.  She delivers results!

Her other passions besides fitness:  Cats, languages, and traveling!