In 2021, I would like to invite you to focus on learning HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE HABITS and changing your lifestyle, instead of going on some temporary fad diet or cleanse. One of my key recommendations is to focus on ADDING positive habits, healthy foods, and increased joy to your life, instead of focusing on restrictions or limitations!

Below are my Top 10 Tips for you to be a healthy and happy human:

Be ACTIVE every day!
Get some SUN every day!
Drink plenty of WATER daily!
Make sure you are getting enough SLEEP every night!
Incorporate CONCENTRATION and MEDITATIVE practices into your daily routines!
Make sure to eat at least FIVE servings of FRUITS & VEGETABLES every day!
Work on your FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY as often as possible!
STRENGTH TRAIN at least three times per week!
Use the help of a PROFESSIONAL with plenty of knowledge and experience!
Start slowly, focusing on one habit at a time (every week or so), until it becomes part of your everyday routine.

These important habits will help you achieve wellness, clarity of mind, and achieve greater physical fitness.

Which healthy habit are you going to tackle first in 2021?