What is Living from the Heart?

“When we live from the brain we live in a constant state of stress and hypervigilance – to protect our own survival”, said Jana Lerbach, wellness coach. “When we ignore the heart and the emotional part of us, it impacts our physical health, increases stress, increases negative social interactions, and slows our intellectual growth.” Lerbach said she spends three of 10 coaching sessions with her clients in Washington, DC discussing living from the heart and teaching them how to understand their emotions.

How Can We Live from the Heart?
Modern culture has taught us the importance of intellect and outside ‘experts’ who know better than us about almost everything. We were taught at an early age to listen to voices outside of ourselves. In order to be accepted in the mainstream we learned to disregard our inner voice. After a while we couldn’t hear it anymore. The good news is we can learn how to follow our heart once again.

Yoga, other mindful exercises, guided daily rituals or meditation can help you begin to focus on the present.  When that happens, the heart begins to whisper, and we start making better decisions.  Living from your heart is like anything else. It takes practice to become an expert. The more often we remember to breathe before responding, the more satisfying our responses will be.  As Carlos Santana said, “If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” You may change your mind 1,000 times a day yet your heart remains the same. Live life from your heart space where you can feel more deeply and appreciate the little every day joys. As you become more aware of your heart’s intentions and realize it always has you in the best light, you can change your life.

If you are looking to live a more mindful life, gain confidence, regain your health, lose weight, control anxiety/depression, and feel strong again.  Contact Jana Lerbach at 202-601-0425

Excerpts from the Hill Rag, January 2022.  For the full article go here.