Wow! October is here. As I write this newsletter, we have exactly 87 days left until the new year. Get ready folks! We still can accomplish so much in 2021.

I must confess that September was a very transformative month for me personally and for my practice (aka my business). I chose to make drastic changes! Going forward, I will NO LONGER encourage anyone to count calories, step on scales, measure body fat, and other self-hating practices that encourage eating disorders and mental health diseases. During our lives on Earth, we are destined to do much bigger things than just simply be obsessed with losing weight and being thin. Yet, most people spend their lives deeply unhappy with how they look. Many wish they could even sever body parts and/or make them disappear.

PSA: You will NEVER be fully engaged with your life if you keep micromanaging body parts!

Why did I decide to embrace this shift? Because despite ‘knowing what to do,’ people are STUCK IN A RUT. If you are one of those people that start your day by stepping on the scale, please stop immediately! If you step on that scale, you are choosing to step on one of the most negative “loops” you can choose for yourself e-v-e-r-y morning. As you see the numbers, you feel more and more worthless. You start thinking that if you were thinner, people would listen to you more, like you more, feel more attracted to you. You think you would be happier but happiness never comes. So early in the morning, you are already programming your brain with the worst possible messages, emotions, and stress hormones. All you did was to step on that scale.

How do I lose weight then? – I know you might be asking yourself the question. The simple answer is: You will only lose weight for good by using your brain adequately and by sending the right messages to it first! Are you confused and/or want to learn more? Then, you must join the Academy’s New Group Program.

Dashing into the Holidays!
October 11th- December 15th; Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM -EST

What to expect?
– A different approach to wellness!
– Goal setting will NOT be related to body weight nor about changing body parts. No before pictures. None of the old BS!
– 10 wellness lectures (Mondays).
– 10 workouts (Wednesdays).
– A community of like-minded individuals.
– Direct access to me and to group chat via Signal.
– Access to classes and workouts in case you cannot attend in person.
– 4 to 12 people.
– Each virtual session will last a maximum of 60 minutes (I know you are busy!).

This month, our Book Club will not be meeting because I am still implementing the SAVERS from The Miracle Morning with all clients. Remember, this book is a requirement in all programs going forward. Do you want to know what we are reading next? The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey. Link: We will meet on November 19th at 7 PM -EST.

October Wellness Tip:
Mercury is retrograde until October 16th! Be careful how you communicate with people around you. You can also expect your computers, phones, and devices to ‘short circuit’ somehow (hello Facebook crash this past Monday! Classic.). Advice? Avoid making big decisions, signing important contracts/documents, and having difficult conversations until next Friday. One of the best practices during retrograde times is AROMATHERAPY. My two most favorite oils during difficult astrological transits are Plant Therapy’s Mercury Retrograde Oil Lavender Essential Oil You can diffuse the oils or simply put some on a cotton ball and take some deep breaths.

My Soul honors Yours,

Jana Lerbach