I gave my clients a reading assignment.  I asked ALL of them to read The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. https://amzn.to/3Bu14BQ During the past two months, I have been helping them to implement the lessons from the book into their lives.  This small book is incredibly transformational.  I read it for the first time, approximately one month before my mom’s death.  I do not believe I would have dealt with this crazy, traumatic, and difficult situation had I not used some of the S.A.V.E.R.S. to keep my sanity.

Many clients started implementing the lessons and are seeing extraordinary RESULTS and positive changes in their lives.  One client said ‘no’ to a higher-paying job because it was not her dream one.  Two weeks ago, she said ‘yes’ to a position she created for herself within her corporation.  Many clients are feeling more motivated and full of energy. Several others have ‘magically’ started to lose body fat without dieting and feeling less depressed because they learned how to better manage their mental and emotional health.

Yet… I am still working on putting an end to the greatest limiting belief most of you have:  “I am not a morning person!”  I can’t wake up early or any earlier.

First, you must remember, waking up early is the greatest differentiator between you having an extraordinary life vs. you having an average life.  Which one will you choose for yourself?

How do you find the motivation to wake up early and create a productive and inspired day, when your desire to hop out of bed is zero?

The simple answer is: SLOWLY – by implementing steady small changes!

Below are some tips to get you out of bed early so you can start creating a better future for yourself:

  1. Before getting in bed the night before: Prepare your workout clothes, journal, select the meditation and/or book (or any other things) you will use the next morning.
  2. Once in bed, before you fall asleep, set a clear intention to get out of bed early.  Science shows that you will always remember some of the last thoughts you had before you went to bed.  Thus, one strategy is to write down a bedside affirmation and read it before falling asleep.  I often use: “I will get up at (write down hour) so I can tend to my well-being.  I have a lot to contribute to the world so I must cultivate my personal development!”
  3. Move your alarm clock far away from your bed!  This will force you to get up and move.  Movement is the best way to wake up!
  4. Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, or drink water as soon as you get out of bed after you turn off the alarm.
  5. Change your clothes immediately, especially if you are going to exercise as part of your morning routine.

There are some broader changes you might want to consider as well, which are great for your wellness overall: Get on a sleep schedule; pick a time for the lights to go off.  Improve your bedtime routine; turn the screens off.  No late-night snacking or alcohol during the week; food and alcohol before bedtime severely impact the quality of your sleep.

Finally, remember that you must get up every morning with determination if you want to live a happy and inspired life.

My Soul honors Yours,