Meet my client Mary and her “skinny skirt.” Mary bought the skirt after we had already been training for a while when she finally felt confident again to wear one. The “skinny skirt” quickly became history! Most importantly, besides losing a lot of inches, Mary’s attitude toward life and her relationship to her own body completely changed. She says, “after having two kids, being almost in my 50’s, and feeling totally discouraged about working out, I never thought I could look and feel this great again!”

During her fitness journey, Mary did NOT:
* do any fasted cardio, nor intermittent fasting,
* any keto, nor diets,
* count any macros,
* stop drinking alcohol, and
* spend any crazy hours in the gym.

Mary did:
* stay active everyday,
* strength train 2-3 times week,
* eat in moderation,
* practice mindfulness techniques, and
* trust the process.

Mary also says, “what REALLY made a difference was to have Jana as my coach! I could have never stayed focus without her. I always KNEW what to do but I never DID it. I could not have stayed on track without her!”

Having someone cheer you along the way is so vital not only to keep you motivated but to also help you learn about your true self!