SHOULD – How this small word is sabotaging your weight loss journey and so much more…

I always hear my clients saying, “I should exercise more,” “I should eat more fruits and vegetables,” “I should be working harder,” “I should be paying my bills on time,” “I should be taking care of myself.” The list of SHOULD’s go on and on… Doesn’t that sound so familiar?

SHOULD will occasionally give you direction but in most cases, it induces guilt and will truly make you feel like a FAILURE. You should but you didn’t… and there comes  stress, anxiety, high cortisol, depression, and emotional eating. SHOULD is also an incredibly judgmental and hurtful word!

Eliminate SHOULD’s! Why:

1) It will enable you to stay personally empowered!
2) Eliminating SHOULD towards others will block the inappropriate sense of entitlement that provokes anger both within you and others. AKA: People will not think you are a total bitch/asshole!
3) It will help you lower cortisol levels, stress, anxiety, and feeling defeated.
4) It will help you lose weight!!!

Replace SHOULD’s with COULD’s! COULD gives you choices. COULD gives your power back to you. COULD is gentler. COULD is forgiving and understanding. COULD is an inviting word!

Here is my invitation to you: Starting today, let’s STOP SHOULDING ON YOURSELF and on the people around you!

From My Heart.